HRFC 30 for $30

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Please help drive the ongoing success of Harrisburg Rugby Football Club by subscribing to the 30 for $30 program. You can pay for your subscription in a lump sum (contact A.J. Carr) or with perpetual monthly donations* via the ‘Subscribe’ button below. Anonymous donors are also welcome.

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*Perpetual monthly donations will continue past 12 months until you opt out through PayPal.


Thank You

The entire Harrisburg Rugby family would like to recognize the current participants of our 30 for $30 program:

Wade & Karen Em Wade John Humphrey
Amy Senn Julie George Georgia Goodman



Program Overview

As part of an ongoing effort to ensure the future home of the Club, we are asking HRFC members and supporters to participate in our 30 for $30 program.

The idea of this new program is to have 30 donors subscribe and donate $30 per month to the HRFC Rugby Complex Field Fund for an entire year.

It is the hope of the HRFC Futures Committee, along with the entire club, to consistently have 30 or MORE participants in this program at all times.

In return for their generous donations, the 30 for $30 program donors will receive:

  • special recognition from the club in all future HRFC Rugby Complex Field Fund marketing materials
  • recognition on the participation chart above
  • an exclusive 30 for $30 program t-shirt (exclusive design changed yearly – collect them all!)