This award was created for the players, administrators, supporters, sponsors or anyone else that the Executive Board feels deserves the honor. In order to be nominated for Life Membership one would have to have shown in the past and in the present that they are dedicated to the livelihood and the longevity of the Harrisburg Rugby Football Club.

Honorary Lifetime Members Year
Tony Trost 2016
Annetta Comstock 2013
Jeff Paine
William “CHOOCH” Richards
Greg Ball
Sherry Magnuson
Dennis Shade
Harry Lingle
Wade Edris
Jeff Bucks
Mike Snyder
W.A. Pagats
James McGovern 1996
Mike Bressi 1993
Hal Risser 1992
Brian Lloyd 1973
Tom Davis, Sr. 1971
Dr. John Reidell 1970

Honorary Lifetime Social Members Year
Bill Trethaway 2000