Tattered Flag Brewery & Still Works

Tattered Flag Brewery
Tattered Flag Brewery and Still Works has been an idea in the minds of Pat Devlin, Matt Fritz, Tony DeLellis, and Ben Ramsay since the group graduated from Susquenita High School in 2000. As a veteran owned and operated business, the focus is simple – to give back to the communities around them while providing a one-of-a-kind experience. Come Raise a Flag with them!

A tattered flag is not just a worn piece of cloth… it has experience and character. Threadbare and frayed, it still represents the ideals and beliefs of those who stand behind it, constantly seeking excellence, success, and the achievement of those goals with honor. At Tattered Flag, they live by this.

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Website: tatteredflagbsw.com
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Dynamis Alliance

Dynamis Alliance
CRUSH EVERYTHING!!! It’s not just a thought on their minds during their morning cup of coffee. It’s a mindset and a way of life. And it’s how they do everything at Dynamis.

Time on earth is precious. It passes quickly and can be taken away from us in an instant. Every day we wake is another opportunity to CRUSH LIFE. Give it 1000%. Freedom isn’t free. It’s our duty to honor and respect the sacrifices made by the men and women who have sacrificed for us. They are no longer able to enjoy what we have, so it’s up to us to CRUSH EVERYTHING FOR THEM!

Let their lives and their stories live through us by attacking life with everything we’ve got. When we step into the gym, damn right we’re giving everything we have! When we spend time with family, damn right we’re crushing it and having the best and most memorable moments of our lives. Step onto a beach? Damn right the Dynamis team is crushing relaxing!!!

Live your life in a way that would make those we honor proud. Be accountable for your actions. Aim for a higher standard, inspiring those around you to become better warriors and patriots and CRUSH EVERYTHING you do!

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Website: dynamisalliance.com/
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Twitter: @DynamisAlliance
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