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2018-2019 HRFC Social Dues Summary

We have re-imagined our Social Dues structure moving forward. Each Social Member will receive a Membership Card that will entitle you to attend all of the HRFC Men and/or Women’s socials, events, and also to be voting members of the club to have your voice/concerns heard at our Annual General Member meetings. Who is a social member of HRFC? They are Spouses/Significant Others/GF/BF of players. ‘Retired’ players and players that are taking a season or two off. They can be mothers/fathers/siblings of players. This includes anyone that comes to 2 or more socials a season. Really, they are anyone that cares about the past/present/future of Harrisburg Rugby.

This is a great way to continue to bring members into the HRFC family with the aim of building a strong foundation to build our HRFC field complex. Join today! Send to your family/friends/etc now.

Social Dues will no longer be $30 per season. Instead, they will be $55 per year (rugby year, so September to the end of August). There will be multiple time periods that you can choose to pay for your social membership – the longer you choose, the more money you save. See below:
One year $55
Five year $230
Ten year $405
Lifetime $1,000

*Only the 1 year membership will be available to purchase thru the webstore. All other memberships can be paid via cash or check.

If you have questions, please contact Erin “Goody” Strelec.